Turning toward autumn

There’s a point in August when nature seems to speed up and change direction. The languid days of July fade along with mid-summer flowers and it’s time for plants to make fruit and seeds, and for humans to harvest.

I feel autumn coming. Sunflowers are dropping petals and filling with seeds, cucumber vines are withering, and it is impossible to keep up with the daily ripening of tomatoes.

I’ve cut back all the early summer perennials and welcome the self-sown cleome that volunteer in my flower garden. This prickly, showy bloom fills in the gap between the lilies and the asters.

I hope you’re finding your way in the midst of the pandemic. I had to put the boardinghouse on hold last March but I’m looking forward to the new year and will take reservations for 2021, with the understanding that everything can change if there’s a resurgence of the virus. In order to keep everyone safe, I am only booking longer visits of at least 3-4 weeks, and multiple month stays are certainly possible.

Remember to vote. Freedom of speech and the right to participate in elections are what separates our political system from dictatorships, oligarchies and non-democracies of all kinds.

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