Let me introduce myself. I’m Ellen Rocco, the owner-manager, recently retired from 40 years in public radio and from farming sheep and draft horses. Chickens still provide fresh eggs, and there’s a large vegetable garden. I have 2 1/2 dogs (two rescues of mixed breed and a pug) and two rescued cats living in the house.

Opening my farm as a boardinghouse puts me on the arc of history. I think of those 19th century English novels or turn-of-the-century American stories about widows converting their homes into guest residences. Okay, maybe I’m not quite Mrs. Hudson, Sherlock Holmes’ landlady, but she is a role model for this undertaking: clever, engaged, not too snoopy, and nurturing.

After decades of having friends, relatives and strangers spend time here—some just visiting, others interning on the farm, and some renting rooms, I have decided to make the Boardinghouse official. This means I will do my best to make sure you are comfortable, well-fed, and feel completely at home in your room and in the shared indoor and outdoor spaces.