Welcome to Boardinghouse North

A place for artists, thinkers, creators, and people who want to step away from daily distractions.  

Interesting things happen in boardinghouses, there’s serendipity in the situation. A writer doing a final edit; a composer working at the piano; a jewelry-maker refining designs; or any guest just sitting on a porch daydreaming or stumbling onto the elusive, needed idea.

As landlady, my job is to make sure you have undisturbed time to work or think, company when you want it, and everything you require to be comfortable.

There’s possibility here. For work or relaxation. You may want to pitch a tent next to the pond, a spring fed swimming hole, with a little dock for sun-lolling; take long walks or bike rides—snowshoe or cross-country ski in the winter. Pull a few weeds in the garden. Let a cat sit on your lap or throw a ball for the dogs. Get a local fishing license and angle your way through the lakes and rivers of the region.

I do not provide structured activities or training or workshops, but I can help you connect with destinations and events of interest within easy driving distance. 

Boardinghouse North is located in New York State’s North Country, close to the Canadian border, between the St. Lawrence River and Adirondack Mountains. The Boardinghouse offers month-long, everything-included stays in a farmhouse situated on 120 acres on a country road.

We are opening up the boardinghouse after being closed during the trying first months of covid19. I follow recommended precautions–social distancing, face masks in close quarters and public places, frequent cleansing of hands and household surfaces, and so on–and I ask guests to do likewise. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe, and to insure everyone’s good health.