March is tricky

Yes, it may come in like a lion and go out like a lamb, or vice versa, but really what March is all about is unpredictability. We may have a couple of 50-60F sunny days followed by snow and overnight lows around 10F. Today started out at 30F with strong winds. This afternoon it’s about 35F and sunny. Tomorrow? 60F. Friday? A high in the 20s. And by then it’s April.

So welcome to the North Country but don’t be scared away. Even with the variable spring weather, things of beauty are happening…like the crocus (and the garlic is poking through its winter cover in the garden).

Below the crocus, tulip leaves pushing through!

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A year of living safely

Dangerous as the pandemic has been, I have been so grateful for this place. Isolation was not terribly onerous because I could step outside and walk for hours, or putter in the garden or stack wood.

We set up a fire pit on an open porch so neighbors could visit even when it was chilly. And, now, with spring about to emerge from beneath snow and ice and frozen ground, I am so ready to spend time with friends and neighbors, again.

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